July 28th, 2014: Out and about in New York City

New Gaga twitter icon 


even if you don’t like jazz music, it’s undeniable how challenging a genre it is to perform. you have to have near perfect rhythm and vocal range to perform the songs she’ll be singing on it and it’s not shit you can autotune

gaga is basically forcing everyone to acknowledge that she is a serious musical artist, it’s going to fucking change the game for her


Gaga and Tony Bennett by Steven Klein


Men want us to kiss them with beards, suck their dicks and kiss their balls with pubes, hug them with hairy arm pits, intwine our legs with hairy thighs, but if women have one hair on our body that isn’t on our head it’s disgusting


do you ever just realise you’re almost an adult and you have no money 


Living Legend Britney Spears tweets to herself pretending to be her dog

So there’s this girl…..


I want her

  • Other people: wow what a perfect morning for a run
  • Me: wow what a perfect morning to go the fuck back to sleep